Derriere le design des chaussettes Rookicks !

Behind the design of Rookicks socks!

Earlier this week, we revealed the first images of Rookicks socks, the first line of clothing developed around the Rookicks entity! Today, you will understand how Farid Mayouf , Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Rookicks, designed Rookicks socks!

photo of the rookicks socks

In the summer of 2021, Réda decided to completely revise its graphic charter, and called on a childhood friend, Farid, a talented graphic designer and illustrator! 8 months later, in February 2022, Rookicks unveils a brand new visual identity, with the aim of having a real brand identity. It was also at this time that Réda spoke for the first time of a major project, that of launching his own brand, in the image of the Rookicks universe. But that is Farid who talks about it best.

"Following the redesign of the visual identity of Rookicks, the objective was to take this concept of young YouTuber passionate about basketball and sneakers to the next level. Indeed Réda, full of dreams and ambition sees the things big. During his departure brief, he tells me about this objective of developing his brand. This is where he mentions this idea of ​​merchandising."

Farid Mayouf , graphic designer for Rookicks

Neither one nor two, Farid throws himself into his work, and begins to think about the design that could give life to the first line of Rookicks merchandising, which will be socks. But where to start? This is where an idea comes to his mind.

"When you look a bit at what Reda does on social networks, you perceive a guy close to his community. Right away, I spot this gimmick which naturally settled with his followers. When they shared their basketball shoes on Instagram, they asked: "Rookicks, do you see me?". Réda then reposted most of these stories by validating their pairs "5 out of 5". All this with his most beautiful smile of course!"

Farid Mayouf , graphic designer for Rookicks

So that's why Farid is developing a patch representing Reda, an enthusiast happy to give feedback for other enthusiasts. The "patch, not centered" side adds this effect of spontaneity that we find in the artistic direction of Rookicks. We add to this the "R" of Rookicks, and here is the first derivative product, the pair of Rookicks socks!

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